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Vintage Purses and Handbags - Fakes

Finding the right vintage purse and handbags can be an extremely difficult task. It involves much time, energy, and a general basic understanding of what to look for in a purchase. Often times the buyer will get led to believe that a certain vintage purse and handbag is authentic, but in fact it's a fake!

There are a few tips to clue you in on whether you are looking at a real or fake designer vintage handbag and purse. Check the corners, are they worn yet masked by shoe polish? Another obvious clue, is the strap or handbag stringy and worn? What about the lining of the purse? Is it sewn loosely? Is it vinyl, leather, suede?

Many well known classic designers cause our ears to perk up in the realm of fashion. Vintage purses and handbags were carried by the rich, famous, old, and young since the 1920's. The material chosen to manufacture different styles including Lucite and Bakelite purses emulates the modern styles we see today make of hard plastic and simulated material. Just one of the many reasons why its important to have good information before purchasing an authentic bag.

Vintage purses and handbags are a unique way to display your sense of style. Whether carried as an unique everyday bag, or to accessorize and accent your evening wear, chosen as the perfect piece to compliment your wedding dress, what ever option is best for you works well!

Read and discover the answers to many more questions you may have including a brief history of vintage bags with even an option to buy now based on your sense of style. Vintage bags are uniquely different and often times just one of a kind. So go browse the net to find the limited vintage classic that's right for you!